For Treatment of Cattle, Poultry, Pigs, Biogas Slurry, Distiller’s Grains, Cassava residue, & Sludge


Our Slurry Separator is an innovative filter screw press solids-liquid separator which can reach a high level of dry matter content. A specially shaped screen enables self-cleaning ensuring reduced wear.

The separator consists of a feeding section provided with compensator tank and overflow hopper. The stain­less steel casing includes a conveyor screw (inside a cylindrical screen basket) for material transport towards the outlet. The screen provides the separation of the solid from the liquid phase flowing through by pushing the solids towards the outlet where two counter-pressure dia­phragms generate a material plug. This allows automatic operation of the separator and avoids flushing through of the liquid phase. The drive unit consists of an electric motor and a gear reducer equipped with a splinted output shaft which is directly coupled to the conveyor screw.

Have More Opportunities with Slurry Separation

Slurry separation gives you more advantages and opportunities in your animal production. It is confirmed that this Filter Screw Press Separator from Krishna Engineers & Consultants is one of the most efficient solutions for separating fluid and dry matter.

Slurry separation is an obvious solution for a number of challenges in your daily operation - and typically you will have more benefits at the same time:

  • Save fuel with use of dry matter for energy requirement
  • Easier handling of liquid slurry
  • Less costs for trade fertilizer
  • Reduce ammonium fumes
  • Produce bedding material for cowsheds
  • There is a very low and easy maintenance requirement for the unit.
  • Quick access options to the screen and screw for maintenance work
  • Minimization of wear, Prevention of screen damage
  • Better performance with low energy consumption
  • Low operating speed & simple operation
  • Suitable for continuous operation.
  • This is very easy to install. Connect the pipes, attach the power supply and it's ready to use.

Uses of Treated Slurry

  • It can be made into compound organic fertilizer
  • It can be directly used to improve soil quality
  • It can also be used to breed earthworms, grow mushrooms and feed fish.
  • It can be used to manufacture Dhoopbathi, Dia, Idols, Pot, Log and Mosquito Coil
  • The separated liquid can directly enter the biogas pool, the biogas production efficiency is higher, and the biogas pool will not be blocked to prolong the service life.

We can go over your individual requirements and offer you a solution that best suits your application, which can be customized according to your different industrial and farming projects.

Krishna Engineers & Consultants will supply you with the complete solution, including necessary pumps, mixers and other accessories.

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